Analytical Chemistry Consultant| Dr. Fetzer Expert Witness

Analytical chemistry is a branch of chemistry which uses a diverse range of methods to investigate the chemicalnature of substances. It is used to determine the quantities of the chemical compounds. Analytical chemistry uses different methods such as classical, wet chemical methods and modern, instrumental methods. Also, there are two type of analysis

·         Qualitative Analysis
·         Quantitative Analysis  
The Qualitative analysis identifies analyses, while quantitative analysis determines the numerical amount or concentration.

Analytical Chemistry Consultant is a person who has an expertise in Analytical Chemistry and who provides solutions related to chemistry problems.There are many instances where an Analytical Chemistry Consultant is needed to stand against the jury to prove the innocence of people who have been caught under wrong circumstances.

Petroleum Products and Hydrocarbon Experts are good at analyzing results and they have the best team of analytical chemists. These people are often approached by victims to conduct the analyses that can be defended in a court of law. They have a thorough knowledge of chemistry which is helpful in defending their counterpart.

Instances such as when the claimed product fails to keep up the standards as promised, personal injury caused by certain circumstances, Patent infringement, and Product Liability. They breakdown the scientific data which is easily understandable and can be presented in court.

What are Analytical Chemistry Consulting Services?

The chemists are usually a staff of Ph.D., Masters and Bachelors level chemists who provide the client with curated reports and needed guidance. They help clients by providing the perfect and easy solution to complex problems. The solutions are made so that they are easily understandable. The analytics consist of:

·         Consulting
·         Report making
·         Additive analysis
·         Product failure analysis
·         Environmental Analysis consisting of Data Quality, Chemical Analysis Solutions, Work with Laboratories

·         Develop New Analyses for Crude Oil, Petroleum Products, PAHs, Environmental Concerns
·         Explain Chemistry of Poly-cyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons – Occurrence, Sources, Degradation, Oxidation, Synthesis, Physical Properties, etc.

All of the services are provided according to the client information and needs. Fetzpahs Consulting provides practical and presentable solutions to problems in chemistry, reports on petroleum-related materials, and poly cyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs).He has a high-level of expertise in high-performance liquid, super critical fluid, gel-permeation, and gas chromatography, and fluorescence and UV absorbance measurements.

About Dr. John C. Fetzer

John C. Fetzer is a great Analytical Chemistry Consultant and Petroleum Products and Hydrocarbon Expert and is well versed in the analysis of the poly cyclic aromatic compounds. He is also an experienced witness and has written expert reports, given the deposition, and has also given sworn testimony. He has been there for both plaintiffs and defendants in areas of patents, chemical analyses, chemical behaviour, the composition of petroleum and its products, and hydrocarbon chemistry.He is available upon request.